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Soccer Coaching. The New Journey.

We want our players to work hard, but they should have fun doing so.
Shouldn't your practice planning and preparation be the same?

Planning for Greatness

Taking that U7 player to D1 takes planning. It is never too late to do it right.

Drill Library

Put aside all those PDFs, bookmarks, and papers. Hundreds of top quality drills are just a click away.

Video Drill Library

Not good with pictures or diagrams? We are working on it, as we plan to have most of the drills in video format too.

Skill Videos

We don't pretend to be Messi or Ronaldo, but we are trying to make soccer skills easy to learn by any player.

Player Progress

Some players are taking off, while others lag behind. There might be a correlation between practice time and effort, but does everyone know that?

Assign Homework

Yes, we heard about YouTube, but do your player get a skill video after each practice? Are they related to the topic? Do you know what you sent them last month?

Player Subscription (coming soon)

Give your players access to the video skills library. They could pay for it in on their own, but isn't it nice to get it for Free?.

Add Your Drills

How about Ego? Add your own drills and earn kudos from your fellow coaches for your outstanding contribution (coming soon)


Frequent Questions

This is a critical question and it shows that you take your responsibility seriously. We can talk about the hundreds of years of combined coaching and playing experience, but we prefer to let our content speak for us, so login, give it a try and if we are not right, we'll do ten push-ups.
Do you spend a lot of time looking for drills, videos, practice ideas? Do you constantly want to improve your coaching? Do you want to know what you worked on for the last few months with your team? Are you OK to give up two cups of coffee every month? If you answer yes to one or two questions, than this is for you.
Your free trial gives you full access to all the features of the Master plan. Browse drills, videos, create practice sessions, send video homework, get them all, no questions asked.
The cancellation policy is clear, full refund, right away. The only question we might ask is why we failed you, is really important to us. Maybe, if there is a next time, we can do better.

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We play, coach, watch, and we learn more about soccer every chance we get.

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